The Travel Channel series Booze Traveler explores Belize’s best local drinks including Maya Chocolate Wine! Episode airs on Monday February 16th at 10PM Eastern. See Booze Taveler website more details or viewing schedule. <iframe width=”560″ height=”343″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you haven’t already, check out the great video on the Belize Tourism Board  website. The beautiful video showcases the different landscapes, people, and adventures in Belize. It may even inspire you to ‘Discover how to Be BELIZE’ for yourself!

National Geographic just published an article on the recently explored Maya remains and the Cara Blanca pools in Belize. It is thought that the Maya people made sacrifices to water god during times of drought. The ancient civilization believed caves and cenotes were entrances to the underworld. See the full […]

Over the past several years, the 2012 winter solstice as the end of the Maya calendar has been brought to the world’s attention via countless articles, documentaries, and even films such as the Hollywood blockbuster 2012. To be more specific, the13th Bak’tun of the Maya Long Count calendar will complete […]

Tropic Air has announced that it will begin a daily non-stop service to the San Ignacio Area starting December 10, 2012. The flight will connect the Belize International Airport and the Maya Flats Airstrip, located between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen. You can now cross mainland Belize in […]