Supreme Court rules Section 53 Unconstitutional


BELIZE IS FIRST! (At what? Being left out of a study or ranking? Just Kidding)

Of course we love Belize, but rarely is the small, quaint country leading the way. However, yesterday Belize made history as the first former British colony in the Caribbean to strike down law that made homosexuality illegal. The Belize Supreme Court ruled that Section 53 of the Criminal Code is unconstitutional, as it goes against the right granted by the Constitution of Belize to not interfere with a person’s dignity and personal privacy, as well as EQUALITY AND EQUAL TREATMENT OF ALL PERSONS BEFORE THE LAW.

Belize chose to overturn a colonial-era law on the books and rule in favor of its peoples’ freedoms! Hopefully that is something that can be appreciated by all, regardless of being part of the LGBT community.

Belize Rainbow Flag

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