Belize may be home to the biggest base of Cubs fans outside of the Windy City. It all started back in 1981, the year when Cubs games began being broadcast in the small Caribbean country. Not long after Belize gained its independence from Britain, a local TV station started, but what […]

Audubon International features article on Ecotourism in Belize! Talks about the partnership with the Belize Audubon Society to develop the bird tourism market in Belize. The project is focused primarily in towns surrounding the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, and St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, all areas […]

Know as The Best Little Zoo in the World, The Belize Zoo, is a favorite activity for visitors and many locals alike. The Belize Zoo is located 0n the Western Hwy 29 miles from Belize City and is home to over 45 species – all native to Belize! Touring the […]

Belize’s own Gallon Jug Coffee is 100% shade grown organic Arabica cotura. The plantation located in the Orange Walk District was carefully planned in order to preserve the forest canopy which provides shade for the coffee and nesting sites for birds. Trees with nitrogen fixing properties were kept in order to […]

A new article in Popular Archaeology Magazine discusses areas of the El Pilar Maya site located only a few miles from the Maya Spring Estates community. Archaeologist Anabel Ford, who has led investigations and research at El Pilar for many years, described the discovery of highly unusual construction work hidden […]